Ojibwe Forests Rally, August 2007

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Ojibwe is a round of the 2007 Rally America Championship.
Learn more about the event by visiting their site at http://ojibweforestrally.com/.

Piotr Wiktorczyk

Piotr Wiktorczyk / Martin Brady jump on Day 2

Zach Babcock

A hard landing forced Zach Babcock / Dave Parps to retire

Henry Krolikowski

Henry Krolikowski / Cindy Krolikowski attack Indian Creek


Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana won the event in a tough battle with Tanner Foust

Dave Hintz

Dave Hintz / John Dillon race into the dusk

Kyle Sarasin

Kyle Sarasin / Mikael Johansson were the top 2WD team

Dmitri Kishkarev

Dmitri Kishkarev / Hugh Hutchinson were the fastest Mitsubishi

Justin Wollerman

Justin Wollerman / Brian Scott give the crowd a scare when they start to turn the wrong way.

Travis Hanson

Travis Hanson / Terry Hanson had to retire later in the day.


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