Sno*Drift, January 2005


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Sno*Drift is the first event in the 2005 Rally America championship. It is based in Atlanta, Michigan.

This year temperatures were hovering around a balmy 10oF.

There had been no significant snow for some time so the surface was firm and icy.

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Pat Richard & Nathalie Richard on Stage 9



Chris Whiteman and Mike Rossey in their Dodge SnowBlower SRT



Tanner Foust and Scott Crouch in their Subaru WRX.


Pat Richard and Nathalie Richard keep the speed up through the night.



Seamus Burke and Jason Gillespie in their Mitsubishi Evo



Otis Dimiters and Peter Monin in their Subaru WRX on the Practice Stage



Matthew Iorio and Ole Holter in their Subaru Impreza



John Cirisan and Josh Hamacher in their Subaru WRX



Jonathon Bottoms and Carolyn Bosley in their Subaru WRX.



Chris Gilligan and Joe Petersen in their Mitsubishi Evo



Chris Whiteman and Mike Rossey in their Dodge SRT-4 on Stage 2