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Licensing Options for competitors

There are many options available for licensing images. The most common are:


Web Publishing: Images are provided at low resolution and may be used for publication on personal websites.

Press Release: Images are provided at medium resolution and may be used to support a press release.

Personal Use: The high resolution image can be used for any personal use - prints, Christmas cards, etc

Promotional Use: The high resolution image can be used for promotion of the licensee on products that are to be given away: T-shirts, posters, press releases etc.

Commercial Use: Includes use of the product on items that are for sale - such as mugs and T-shirts.


Click here for more details

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To Publish Images


If you want to publish an image you can:


Simply call 972-746-6322




 - within Printroom, select the full-screen version of the image (click on the thumbnail)

 - click the “Send Link” button

 - enter the “to” address as

 - give us details of how you want to use the image

 - we will email by return the full resolution image.




  - within Printroom, from the gallery thumbnails, note the image reference. 

      (it will be something like “ABC 123”.

  - send an email to



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Image Sizes


Most images are JPG Fine, 2.0MB, 4.4 Megapixel in Adobe 1998.

Images are available for publication at usual rates.

All images remain copyright Ronnie Arnold.


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Quality Guarantee


We give a guarantee of 100% satisfaction for all images and products.


For any products bought through Printroom, you should make your first contact with their support department.  It is always worth copying SPEED-PICS to keep us informed of any issue.


SPEED-PICS takes full ultimate responsibility for your satisfaction – and will make every effort to achieve this.


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Download Speeds


Images on this web site are generally saved in the format of about 800 pixels in jpeg at a low resolution and low quality – giving a file size of about 50KB.  This is a compromise to provide a quality image at a postcard size while retaining a reasonable download time for dial-up users.  At a 28kbps dial-up speed, images can take 10 to 15 seconds each to download.  If you are seeing a box with a small Windows logo in the top left corner, everything is OK – please be patient.


If you are having other problems, please contact


Or phone - +1-972-746-6322.


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Mailing Lists


From time to time, we send customers and contacts details of new images posted and special offers.



To be added to the list of contacts, just send an email from the email address you want added to the contact list to


To be removed from the contact list, send an email with the word “REMOVE” in the subject line to


If you are concerned about spam, check out the privacy statement at “Privacy Policy


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Why use Printroom?

Image processing services, including credit card payments, are handled on our behalf by

We have chosen this service for the quality of their product and the security of their payment handling processes.

While on their site you can see images with no obligation to purchase.

You can also buy images in the form of prints and specialty products such as T-shirts and mugs.


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Navigating Printroom

Images on the Printroom site are held in ‘galleries’.  These galleries are sorted by subject in 'directories'.  At the highest level, the directories are grouped by subject like:


  -  Travel

  -  Nature

  -  Motor

  -  Sport


Selecting a directory may display another directory, such as “Motor > Rallying” or a gallery such as “Motor > Rallying > SnoDrift”.


Click here to go to Printroom.


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Can’t Find Anything in Printroom?

We are unable to modify the Printroom screen layout.  It has a large header area before starting to list our directories.  So, if you click through to Printroom and believe you are getting a blank, black screen, check whether you can scroll down.  (The subject matter may just be lower down the screen.) 

If you are still having problems, please email

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Can’t search for an image in Printroom?

Printroom has a ‘search’ function on the home page for our site.  The function is to allow users to enter a keyword that is linked to a specific photograph.  But, due to the high volume of photographs we have on offer, we have not been able to name each individual photograph.  Hence this function is not operable within our Printroom site. 


To find a specific image, please search for it by subject within directories.


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Image Quality & Editing

Due to the volume of images generated, we have no option but to post them to the Printroom website un-touched.  When you order off the Printroom website, “what you see is what you get”.  In many instances some editing could improve the final result by

These personalized services are available.  Please email or phone to discuss your specific needs.


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Deleted Images

Over time, we have to delete images from the Printroom site to allow space for new events.  If you cannot find an event or image on the site, it may still be available from our archives. 

Please email us at.



Examples of Events Currently Available at Printroom


Available events include, among others:


 - April 2004                   Desafio de la Frontera , Mexico

 - March 2004                World Rally Championship, Corona Mexico Rally

 - October 2003              La Carrera Panamericana , Mexico

 - September 2003         Reno Air Races

 - September 2003         Laguna Seca American Le Mans Series

 - August 2003               Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance



Examples of Deleted Events


Following are examples of events that are no longer available on-line although images should still be available:


                        Infineon Raceway , CA :  Chrysler Classic

Reno , Nevada :              Hot August Nights

                        Monte Rio , CA :              Classic Car Show


To check if your image is available, email

Provide as much information as you can to help identify the photograph you are seeking.

If it is available, it will be loaded to the 'Printroom' web-site so that all purchase products are available.


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Copyright Notice


All images on this site are subject to copyright and are protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) and by the Berne Convention.  Reproduction, storage or transmittal by any means, of any image on this web site, whole or in part, is prohibited without express prior written permission.  Prints purchased directly from SPEED-PICS or through may not be reproduced or scanned for any reason and may only be used for personal display. If you wish to publish or reproduce the materials in any physical or digital form or use them for any commercial purpose, including display or Web page use, you must obtain prior written permission from SPEED-PICS or the individual photographer.

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Privacy Policy


With regard to any personal information collected and held by SPEED-PICS, we commit we will make every effort to treat your personal information the same way we treat our own personal information and that we will:

When you buy products through Printroom, their Privacy Policy applies to that transaction.  See Printroom Privacy Policy.


This site contains links to other sites. SPEED-PICS is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such other Web sites.


Any changes to this policy will be notified through this webpage.


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