Product Licensing Options for Competitors:



Low-Resolution Images

*       WebPack

Medium-Resolution Images

*       Press Release

High-Resolution Images

*       Personal Use

*       Promotional Use

*       Commercial Use





Our most popular offering, you get every ‘publish-quality’ image taken of you on an event – in low-resolution format (600pixel). The images are for personal and website use.

It’s designed to be a standing order – if we are both at an event, you need to do nothing, the images just arrive in your inbox within a couple of days of the event.

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Press Release Images

  License a single medium resolution image (1200 pixels) for use with your press release. The quality is sufficient for most newspaper and magazine publication.




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Personal Use


The high resolution image can be used for any personal use including


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Promotional Use

  The high resolution image can be used for promotion of the licensee on products that are to be given away, including:


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Commercial Use

  Includes use of the image

Specific licensing terms and rates are negotiable depending on (1) the image selected and (2) the intended use of the image.



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